Widescreen Solutions

Widescreen has not only become a popular feature in consumer electronics but also spilled over to industrial applications as well. In comparison with conventional square screen (typically 4:3 or 5:4), widescreen (typically 16:9) benefits users with the following advantages.

23.8" XPC Series Panel PC Front View

High-definition Content Support

The resolution of so-called high definition, no matter it is HD, Full HD, 4K Ultra HD or 8K Ultra HD, follows the 16:9 aspect ratio. Those high-definition contents have become one of the important tools in modern business and industrial applications, such as digital signage and vision automation. A square display / monitor may stretch, crop or sandwich them between two black bands. To correctly display them, a widescreen display / monitor is essential.

High-definition image / video can fill the entire screen on a widescreen display / monitor in correct format.

A square screen may stretch a high-definition image / video.

A square screen may crop a high-definition image / video.

A square screen may sandwich a high-definition image / video.

Productivity Enhancement

Widescreen offers additional width and allows users to display sidebars next to the main working window for instant information or easy access to frequently-used tools. In addition, widescreen also facilitates side-by-side page viewing and multi-window display that allow users to operate / monitor several programs at the same time without frequent toggling, enabling smart and efficient working.

Widescreen enables a sidebar and keeps the main working window still in a comfortable proportion.

Widescreen facilitates side-by-side page viewing.

Widescreen facilitates multi-window display.

Larger Viewing Area

Widescreen display / monitor has a larger viewing area than a square one do. It allows users to see more information at once and at greater insight. For example, when a user works with a spreadsheet on a widescreen monitor, he / she can view around 33% more of the document that he / she does on a square one, and what is more, widescreen helps to reduce the need to scroll the spreadsheet.

Widescreen offers a larger viewing area.

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