Multi-touch & Flat Panel Solutions

Multi-touch interface is a friendly user-computer interface allowing users to manipulate a computing system through intuitive multi-finger gestures such as zooming, scrolling, flicking or swiping. Its advantages include

  • Simple and Fast: It is an intuitive medium requiring no formal training;
  • Security: Two or more gestures work together to enable a significant command to avoid undesirable input; and
  • Multi-user operation: Several users can work on the same screen at the same time.
Multi-touch Panel PC

Form the technical perspective, PCT (Projective Capacitive Touch) is the most popular commercialized technology used in multi-touch screens. Combined with multi-touch screen packaging technologies widely used in consumer electronics products, such as ultra-narrow bezel, full-flat surface, toughened glass and waterproof design, it makes multi-touch flat panel PCs / monitors ideal for business or industrial users because they can offer more additional advantages including

  • Anti-spray: to protect sensitive components inside the enclosure against water spray intrusion;
  • Anti-scratch: to reduce scratches or abrasion on the screen caused by sharp or rough stuff;
  • Contamination-resistant: to prevent the accumulation of visible or non-visible contamination on the screen and to make cleaning easier; and
  • Stylish: to easily fit in any environments without being an eyesore.

Now, Kontron has the following product lines to provide multi-touch flat panel devices for business and industrial applications.