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Reasons to Upgrade IPC

Industrial PCs (IPCs) are intentionally designed to run for up to 10 years. However, they can not last forever. In practice, older systems is gradually losing the capability of delivering the expected performance as well as the resistance against the growing number of security risks and digital threats. Moreover, newer and more sophisticated applications may not be able to tun on legacy systems.

Concerns on Replacement

Nevertheless, business owners or decision makers may delay the replacement of aging devices for some concerns. Limited budgets and the lack of sense of urgency are common non-technical factors.

Besides, there are still technical issues to address. Off-the-shelf hypervisors are popular tools used to transfer legacy operating systems, applications and customized setting to a new platform. The challenge during the content migration from a legacy IPC to a new IPC is the compatibility between hardware and hypervisor to prevent data loss and migration failure. It often costs extensive technical supports and time-consuming troubleshooting procedures.

Intel® IPC Catalyst Program

To help users ease the migration pain and reduce the risk, Intel® launches an IPC catalyst program to verify the compatibility of hardware systems with selected hypervisors. The program offers users more efficient, simple and secure platform options to upgrade their IPCs.

Kontron is one of the IPC makers joining this program. The following table lists the products granted by Intel® IPC Catalyst Program.

RAK-400-KBL 4U Rackmount Server