Industrial Automation Solution

Kontron’s industrial systems are designed to fulfill the needs for mission-critical automation applications. Their embedded design, rugged features and high performance computing power could optimize plant productivity and production quality. There are five product categories in our industrial automation solutions. Check related products to find the right platform to satisfy your needs.

QBOX-1800 Box PC Front View

Embedded Computers – KBox E-Series

Kontron KBox E-Series (formerly QBOX series) is suitable for industrial automation applications because of its rugged housing and fanless design which make the device have great resistance to harsh conditions such as EMI, heat, cold and dust. In addition, the comprehensive I/O ports and expansion slots enable the connections to a variety of peripheral devices.

KUBE-8130 Box PC Front Angled View

Embedded Computers – KBox M-Series

Kontron M-Series (formerly KUBE or QBO Series) is designed to meet the needs of mission-critical automation applications. Their fanless design, industrial automation features and advanced computing technology deliver robustness, reliability and flexibility. The KBox M-Series is especially suitable for customers who are searching for a rugged and compact platform with the comprehensive I/O set and industrial-grade construction.

23.8" XPC Series Panel PC Front View

Kontron XtremeClient Series (formerly XPC Series) features near-edgeless infinity screen which provides an unobstructed viewing experience. Equipped with gesture-controlled intuitive 10-point PCAP (Projected Capacitive) multi-touch interface, it can enhance user experience and open up new dimensions for industrial automation, process control or real-time data management.


Kontron SmartClient Series (formerly PPC Series) includes several kinds of multi-touch flat bezel panel PCs. Each features 10-point PCT multi-touch display which provides an intuitive human-machine interface. Furthermore, the flat bezel design has good resistance to contamination and makes cleaning easier.

Kontron RuggedClient Seires (formerly KPC Series) is designed especially for industrial environments with display size ranging from 10.4″ to 21.5″.Constructed with rugged aluminum front bezels (IP65 rated front design), this series can withstand harsh working environments.