Digital Signage Solution

Digital signage is a powerful tool used in many types of businesses or public services nowadays in communicating digital images / videos, streaming media and information to customers, patrons or employees. Though the application scale may vary from single unit installations to large network-based deployments across geographically dispersed locations, a typical system architecture can be illustrated as the following diagram.

Digital Signage
Digital Signage System Architecture Diagram

In the playback & display end, there are three main types of solutions:

  1. Standalone Solutions: digital signage player + display;
  2. Swappable Solutions: (1) OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) digital signage player + OPS display or (2) SDM (Smart Display Module) digital signage player + SDM display; and
  3. All-in-one Solutions: All-in-one digital signage system.

Kontron’s digital signage solutions cover the above three product categories. Under open-platform architecture, they are compatible with various digital signage software for users to easily edit, schedule and publish contents.

Below lists all available products by categories.