Kontron Single Board Computer Creates HMI System for Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

ECX-APL 3.5" SBC Top View

Project Overview

Picosecond laser is a new ultrashort-pulsed laser technology used in aesthetic medicine to remove / diminish pigmentation disorders, sun spots and tattoos from the skin. Compared to conventional laser technology, its light pulse is converted into an acoustic wave in the skin and can reduce the thermal effect in the tissue.

An Italian aesthetic medical equipment supplier develops a state-of-the-art picosecond laser tattoo removal machine to provide a more effective, painless and faster-recovering treatment to patients with unwanted tattoos or pigmented lesions.

Since the equipment would apply a photomechanical therapy to human tissue, validation of compliance with severe medical device regulations is very important for the access to global markets. They therefore need a high-quality and long-lifetime reliable embedded board to design a HMI system for this aesthetic medical equipment, which includes an intuitive interactive graphical touch screen to change pulse mode, set the values of the user parameters or other operational / functional settings, as well as a foot pedal to activate laser emission.

In addition, the equipment is an essential long-term asset for clinics or hospitals to provide pigmentation removal services. Thus, a qualified embedded board supplier must be capable of excellent quality control on key components to avoid frequently replacement.

System Requirement

  • Long lifetime and high quality
  • Low-power processor
  • Windows OS
  • Excellent quality control on key components


Without sophisticated graphics nor complicated commands to deal with, this client have used and will integrate the following 2 power-efficient embedded boards for their aesthetic medical equipment.

The former comes with a rated TDP of 10 W while the later at 6 W TDP. Both are ideal platforms to create a Windows-based HMI system for this equipment.

In fact, not only these two embedded boards but also all the other Kontron products can offer industrial-grade reliability to ensure stable and long-term operation. Life cycle management is another important part of Kontron’s total quality management. Kontron has a life cycle management rule to identify product roadmap and longevity support from suppliers when procuring key components. Besides high-quality product provision, it also ensure long-term support with strict revision control.

System Diagram

Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal System Diagram