Network Communications

Network plays an important role in today’s business models. Any accidental or unexpected network outage may eventually cause uncountable damages or losses to information and business. In consequence, building a network redundant mechanism into an enterprise network infrastructure is a smart investment to ensure continuity of communication and data flow.

Kontron’s network security appliances are the right solution to the challenge mentioned above. Equipped with several LAN ports and supporting LAN bypass function, they can instantly pass the link to the next available paths in case of a single point of network failure. They are therefore suitable for the enterprises who want to build a network redundancy to ensure maximum uptime and availability or for network-based applications such as VPN (Virtual Private Network), IDS (Intrusion Detection System), IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), UTM (Unified Threat Management), network bandwidth controller, anti-spam, anti-virus and so on.

KBox N-110 Network Security Appliance Front Angled View

KBox N-Series (NWA Series) is designed to manage network security and / or monitoring operations.

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mITX-DNV Mini-ITX Motherboard Front Angled View

Motherboards under this category provide system integrators to easily develop their networking appliances or storage devices.

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