Flat Panel PC

SmartClient is a collection of fanless 10-point PCAP multi-touch flat panel PCs. From the mechanical / functional point of view, its IP65-rated bezel-free flat panel design with glass surface makes it resistant to water spray, dust ingress, contamination and scratch. Thus, it has good resistance against harsh conditions in factories or other industrial environments. In addition, the intuitive multi-touch interface allows operators to easily control and manage production processes, which can not only dramatically reduce the training time for new operators but also provide a protection mechanism against faulty operations (eg. two-hand gestures to enable a significant command).

15-inch Flat Panel PC and Monitor Front View Thumbnail

There are 2 product lines under this category:

  • PRO Line: powered by Intel® Core™ i, Celeron® or similar high-performance processors
  • ECO Line: powered by Intel® Atom™, Celeron® or similar low-power processors

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