PICO-ITX-APL: 2.5″ Pico-ITX Single Board Computer with Intel® Atom® E3900 Series Processors

Compact, Low Power & High Performance

Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT / Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), is pleased to introduce a new 2.5″ Pico-ITX single board computer, named PICO-ITX-APL, driven by Intel’s low-power Atom® E3900 Series and Pentium® / Celeron® N-Series processors.

PICO-ITX-APL Single Board Computer Front Angled View

Spectacular Graphics Performance

Based on Intel® Atom® E3900 Series, Celeron® N3350, and Pentium® N4200 platforms with Intel HD Graphics 500 Series GPU integrated, which can deliver three times higher graphics / video performance than Bay Trail platform at relatively low power consumption of 6 W to 12 W TDP, PICO-ITX-APL can support silky smooth 4K Ultra HD content playback at 60 frames per second. It is an upgraded option for system integrators to build a graphics-intensive device.

Ideal for Small, Portable & Quiet Devices

PICO-ITX-APL measures 100 mm x 72 mm only, 75% smaller than Mini-ITX form factor. Combined with low-power processors mentioned above, it is an ideal solution for system integrators to develop passively cooled embedded systems for space-constrained or ultra-compact embedded applications, industrial automation, medical, maritime, communications and transportation, that do not require too many peripheral interfaces or expansion slots. With an eDP interface for thin-profile LCD display panel support and an M.2 Key A socket for Wi-Fi / Bluetooth wireless expansion, it can be even integrated into a portable device.

Residential- / Domestic-grade Compliance

PICO-ITX-APL is compliant with CE / FCC regulations for Class B devices intended for residential / domestic use. The compliance guarantees product’s quality and user’s safety when the board is integrated into a portable device which is designed to be used anywhere and close to the human body.

The list below summarizes the features and specifications of PICO-ITX-APL.

Features & Specifications

  • Spectacular Graphics Performance
    • Intel® Atom® E3900 Series, Celeron® N3550 and Pentium® N4200 processors
    • Intel® HD Graphics 505 / 500 GPU
    • 1x DDR3L SO-DIMM memory socket up to 8 GB memory support
    • 2x SATA 3.0 for storage
  • Ideal for Small, Portable & Quiet Devices
    • Pico-ITX form factor
    • Low power consumption of 6 W ~ 12 W TDP
    • 1x eDP for thin-profile LCD display panel
    • 1x M.2 Key A for Wi-Fi / Bluetooth expansion
  • Residential- / Domestic-grade Compliance
    • CE / FCC Class B
  • Other Peripheral Applications
    • 1x HDMI for video output
    • 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 for USB device connection
    • 1x RS232/422/485 for serial device connection

Rear I/O Ports

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