mITX-VR1000 V2.0: Mini-ITX Motherboard With AMD Ryzen™ V1000 Series Processors

Quad Independent Display Support With Up To 4K @ 60 fps Resolution

mITX-VR1000 V2.0 Spec Features

Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT / Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), is pleased to introduce a Mini-ITX motherboard, named mITX-VR1000 V2.0, powered by AMD Ryzen™ V1000 Series processors. Supporting four independent displays, mITX-VR1000 V2.0 offers two types of video interface combinations: one LVDS + three DisplayPort connectors or four DisplayPort connectors. Integrators can choose a more proper variant to develop their all-in-one panel PC or box system with the maximum display connectivity for a multitude of graphics-intensive applications, such as digital signage, gaming, machine vision and medical imaging.

Exceptional Graphics Performance & Flexible Display Connectivity

Driven by AMD Radeon™ Vega Series graphics processors with up to 11 compute units integrated directly on the high-performance AMD Ryzen™ V1000 Series SoC processors, Kontron mITX-VR1000 V2.0 can deliver exceptional 4K and 3D visual quality and superior graphics performance. It provides two display interface options: one LVDS + three DP connectors or four DP connectors. Integrators can choose an appropriate option to develop their system without sacrificing the LVDS connector in case of a box PC to maximize the support of four independent displays. In addition, up to two DP connectors support dual-mode DisplayPort (DP++) de-multiplexing, allowing users to directly connect a HDMI or DVI with a passive adapter cable.

Flexible Network Resource Allocation & Next-generation High-speed Interfaces

mITX-VR1000 V2.0 supports three GbE LAN ports, allowing users to flexibly allocate and mange network resources in order to maximize network service uptime and to increase overall network bandwidth. In addition, it supports several new-generation interfaces for higher data transfer rates between main memory, storage media and peripheral devices, including two DDR4 SO-DIMM memory sockets, two USB 3.1 ports, one SATA 3.0 port and two next-generation M.2 expansion slot with Key B and Key M physical interface form respectively.

Greater Protection Against System-level Attacks

With a TPM 2.0 cryptoprocessor chip integrated on the mITX-VR1000 V2.0, integrators can bring extra hardware-level security features, such as integrity measurements, health checks and authentication services, to their systems beyond the native features provided by the processor itself.

Easy To Develop A Safer System

mITX-VR1000 V2.0 complies with CE Class B, FCC Class B and UL’s requirements, allowing integrators to take less efforts to develop a safer system used in residential and domestic environments.

The list below summarizes the features and specifications of mITX-VR1000 V2.0.

Features & Specifications

  • Exceptional Graphics Performance & Flexible Display Connectivity
    • AMD Ryzen™ V1000 Series Processors
    • AMD Radeon™ Vega 11 / 8 / 3 integrated Graphics
    • Quad independent display support
      • 1x LVDS, 1x DP++, 2x DP, or
      • 2x DP++, 2x DP
  • Flexible Network Resource Allocation
    • 3x GbE LAN for Ethernet
  • Next-generation High-speed Interfaces
    • 2x DDR4 SO-DIMM memory socket
    • 2x USB 3.1 for USB device connection
    • 1x SATA 3.0 for HDD / SSD
    • 1x M.2 Key B for WWAN or M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD
    • 1x M.2 Key B for M.2 SATA SSD
  • Other Peripheral Applications
    • 1x Line-in, 2x Line-out, 2x Mic-in for audio input / output
    • 2x S/PDIF for 5.1 Dolby surround sound output
    • 5x USB 2.0 for USB device connection
    • 2x RS232/422/485, 4x RS232 for serial device connection
    • 8-bit DIO for signal / device control
    • 1x mPCIe for WLAN or WWAN
    • 1x PCIe x16 (x8 signal) for application-specific expansion
  • Greater Protection Against System-level Attacks
    • TPM 2.0 support
  • Easy To Develop A Safer System
    • CE Class B, FCC Class B, UL compliance

Rear I/O Ports

mITX-VR1000 V2.0 Rear I/O Ports

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