mITX-KBL-S: Mini-ITX Motherboard with 7th Gen Intel® Core™ / Celeron® S-Series Processors

Ideal for Graphics-intensive Embedded Applications

Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT / Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), is pleased to introduce its mITX-KBL-S Mini-ITX industrial embedded motherboards designed for integrators to easily develop their own OEM systems with shorter time to market and lower development efforts.

Powered by High-performance 7th Gen Intel® Core™ / Celeron® S-Series Processors

mITX-KBL-S is built based on 7th Generation Intel® Core™ / Celeron® S-Series Desktop Processor Family. Compared to the counterparts with previous-generation processors, mITX-KBL-S delivers up to 65 % better graphics performance when playing 4K and 3D video content. It is an ideal embedded platform for a variety of graphics-intensive multi-tasking heavy-workload applications for digital surveillance, retail, industrial, healthcare segments. The series provides two variants for different application scenarios and / or purchase budget, including budget-friendly models with Intel H110 chipset and business-oriented models based on Intel Q170 chipset.

Flexible I/O Configuration

mITX-KBL-S provides flexible I/O configuration via rear-panel ports and onboard connectors. It is equipped with one LVDS connector for system developers to build a panel PC with additional one DVI-D and two DP ports for external displays. Alternatively, box PC developers can locate a panel-mount VGA port on the chassis to replace the unused LVDS connector. For multimedia applications with Hi-Fi surround sound systems, mITX-KBL-S enables an optical S/PDIF output connector besides the most commonly used audio jacks. Developers can flexibly configure other I/O ports as well depending on application scenarios, for example, from six up to twelve USB ports for USB device connection, from two up to six COM ports for serial device connection, and up to eight digital signals via DIO pins for device / signal control.

High-capacity Storage and Flexible Functionality Expansion

mITX-KBL-S is equipped with four SATA 3.0 interfaces for massive data storage. Models with Q170 chipset supports RAID storage configurations for data redundancy, performance improvement or both, enabling OEMs to develop server or NAS appliances. The series has two mPCIe sockets (Q170 models support mPCIe / mSATA combo) and one PCIe x16 (with x16 and x8 signal support), allowing flexible storage / functionality expansion according to application requirements, such as SSD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G / 4G WWAN, graphics performance upgrade, video capture, network expansion, serial / USB port expansion, professional audio effects, etc…

Higher-level Protection to Sensitive Applications and Data

mITX-KBL-S (Q170 models) integrates latest TPM 2.0 security chip, which provides more secure hardware-based protection to sensitive applications and data than a software-only solution. Developers can use it to build a more trusted system for IoT-centric or security-critical applications.

The list below summarizes the features and specifications of mITX-KBL-S.

Features & Specifications

  • High-performance Platform for Graphics-intensive Applications

    • 7th Generation Intel® Core™ / Celeron® S-Series Processors
    • Intel® Q170 / H110 Chipset
    • Intel® HD Graphics 630 / 610 integrated
    • 2x DDR4 SO-DIMM memory socket
  • Flexible I/O Configuration

    • 1x LVDS / VGA, 2x DP, 1x DVI-D for video output
    • 1x Line-in, 2x Line-out, 2x Mic-in, 1x S/PDIF for audio input / output
    • 2x GbE LAN for Ethernet connection
    • Up to 6x USB 3.0, up to 6x USB 2.0 for USB device connection
    • 3x RS232/422/485, 3x RS232 for serial device connection
    • 8-bit DIO for device / signal control
  • High-capacity Storage and Flexible Functionality Expansion

    • 4x SATA 3.0 for hard drive connection
    • Up to 2x mSATA for SSD storage
    • Up to 2x mPCIe for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WWAN expansion
    • 1x PCIe x16 (x16 / x8 signal support) for dedicated application expansion
  • Higher-level Protection to Sensitive Applications and Data

    • TPM 2.0 support
  • Resistant against Harsh Conditions

    • Extended temperature model available: -20 °C ~ 70 °C

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