Kontron’s ARM-based Embedded Board Integrated to Build a Drive-thru Pickup Kiosk for an European Grocer

Product: QDS-6200

Application: Retail

Client: A System Integrator in Europe

End Customer: A Grocer in Europe

Project Overview

“Click and collect” is an emerging e-commerce model introduced by many Europe- and US-based grocers over these years. It allows shoppers to order online and then to pick up their orders at a pickup collection point. Shoppers only need to reserve a pickup time, pull up and wait without getting of their cars when staff loads groceries into the cars. Compared to traditional home delivery, it benefits grocers with higher margin, fewer customer complaints and lower marketing costs. At the same time, it can offer shoppers a convenient service and help them manage their grocery budgets. However, a pickup kiosk is an essential investment to realize this hybrid e-commercial model, especially for larger-scale grocers who have to reserve a space outside the sales areas to accommodate pickup shoppers.

One of Kontron’s customers, a system integrator, helped an European grocer to build pickup kiosks for installation by the drive-thru lanes of their warehouses. The kiosk has the functions including scanning barcodes or QR codes from member cards, smartphones or printed receipts to identify the orders; delivering information on the display and / or from the speaker to instruct drive shoppers.

Since the client had already developed an application software based on Android OS and customized a kiosk enclosure for the end customer, they were seeking an embedded computing technology provider to tailor an ARM-based panel PC for them to make hardware upgrade. Mounted into a slim floor-standing enclosure installed outside the warehouse, the panel PC must be thin, fanless and resistant against outdoor conditions such as high temperature, dust, scratch and other damage in daily use.

System Requirement

  • ARM-based platform
  • A customized 12.1″ panel PC to fit the existing enclosure
  • Fanless
  • Thin
  • Tempered glass for screen
  • Resistant against outdoor conditions: spray, dust, high temperature (60 °C)


Kontron integrated one of its ARM-based embedded boards, named QDS-6200, to tailor a 12.1-inch panel PC for this client’s custom kiosk housing. QDS-6200 is powered by an ultra-low-power octa-core Cortex®-A53 processor which is suitable to be introduced to a fanless rugged system. The board has single-stack low-profile I/O configuration as well and facilitates building a thinner device. Finally, QDS-6200 supports the operating temperature up to 60°C and is a cost-efficient option for deployment in a temperate-zone country even during summer times.

Since the computing platform had been decided, the next challenge was to tailor a completely unique panel PC for the existing kiosk housing. Besides a new mechanical design compatible with the cutout dimensions and the thin enclosure, outdoor installation was another important criterion which should be taken into account. Consequently Kontron came up with an IP65-rated panel PC to address some harsh outdoor conditions including water spray, rain drips, falling dirt and windblown dust. In addition, the screen was protected by an IK07-rated tempered glass to avoid damages from external mechanical impacts such as bumps, scratches, scuffs and sudden drops / falls.

System Diagram

QDS-6200 Drive-Thru Pickup Kiosk Diagram